EROS Sampoornam
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EROS Sampoornam

Eros Sampoornam is the name of a new residential project, which is being built by India’s well-recognized real estate developer Eros Group. The group has promised a complete holistic living experience for its residents. Based on a construction theory of peaceful living, the apartments in Sampoornam are designed keeping the Vastu Layouts in mind. Rooms, doors, kitchens; everything in the apartments of project Sampoornam will be placed according to the concepts of Feng-Shui.

The project site has already been approved by the Greater Noida Development Authority, thereby, even if you are looking this place as an investment prospect, then also it will be an agreeable place to invest. Set among the sea of real estate, the towers of Eros Sampoornam can be identified even from a quite distant place quite easily, because of its beautiful design.

Address to the Eros Sampoornam is GH 01, Sector 2, Greater Noida, a place very well connected to the Noida Expressway. While living in the apartments of Sampoornam, you will get the advantage of living closely to the Expressway, which is believed to be the lifeline of NCR, the National Capital Region. The Eros Group chooses the venues of its every project very carefully; every project theirs, today, is landmark of its respective locality; so is this Sampoornam.

There will be 2 & 3 bedroom apartments in Eros Sampoornam. These apartments will reflect a harmonious living. There will be complete relaxation for your mind, body and soul. The builder has kept the tagline of ‘Happy Home, Happier People’, while developing these high-life apartments.

The site, on which, this Eros Sampoornam Noida Extension is being developed, is a four side open piece of land. It, as being said by the developers and market experts, is the key attraction of the project. Moreover, 80% of the land will be dedicated solely to the greenery, Water Bodies, Exquisite Avenues.